2013-03-08 05:35:54

Brooch is not just fashionable but also very useful.  Here’s an introduction on “Brooch”.  

Get Brooch

You’ll get 1 brooch when buying 1 costume. The more costumes you have, the more brooches you get; click on “Enhance” in the lower right of Costume interface to view and enhance brooch.

Brooch Enhancement consists of Carve and Upgrade. Carving can get players attributes and attribute values while Upgrade can boost its upper limit.

Carve Brooch

1.Players can carve [Brooch] so that the brooch can get 3 random attributes. The better the color (White/Green/Blue/Purple/Orange), the higher attributes;

2.Carving brooch costs Bead or Ingot; Players can lock the attribute they wish to keep, but up to 2 attributes can be locked at the same time; to lock more attributes means consuming more beads or Ingot while carving.

Note:Guild War reward or Dream Treasure Chest has Beads.

Upgrade Brooch

1.Upgrading [Brooch] that is in use can improve its grade. There are 6 grades: Good, Fine, Rare, Arcane, Epic, and Legend. The better the brooch grade, the higher upper limit you can get.

Upgrading brooch costs [Silver] or Ingot;

Players can gain 100 EXP and have 50% chance to get 500 EXP from brooch upgrade; Brooch grade will be improved when the EXP Bar is full;

The upper limit of brooch grade is up to the character level.  The higher the character level, the better brooch grade you can get.


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