Thanksgiving Fireworks event

2016-11-22 04:16:07

Thanksgiving’s coming! TO thank warrior’s support, Festival envoy [Holly] has prepared many gifts beforehand, as long as you can meet Holly’s wish, she’ll give you the [Festival Fireworks], light the fireworks can get precious items

Time: 11.22-28

Rules: Everyday between 8:00-24:00, Lv45+ player can accept the quest of fireworks from Solaris’s Festival Envoy Holly, Everytime you finish the quest, you will get one [Festival Fireworks],20 times a day

You can set off fireworks in 2 different ways

Surprise set-off(50,000 gold): Low plume crystal, Purple Orison Rune, 9 flowers, Low pet pill*2,Enchant Lock, Psyche Stone,Skill Potion

Emotional Set-off(40 ingot): Seraph’s Gold Wings, Holy Orison Rune,Wedding Doll, Sun Pet Stone, Advanced Plume Crystal, Royal Badge, Tree soul, Advanced Numen Talisman C,Roaring Elder Totem


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