Scheduled maintenance and update

2016-11-14 04:31:44

Servers: All

Date: 01:00 AM (UTC-5) Nov 15, 2016


On Tuesday, we will be performing a scheduled maintenance. during which period access to the game will not be available.

Details about the update:

[Function] Horcrux & Soulbox

⑴[Unlock Level] Lv.85

⑵[Entrance] Select [Horcrux] and [Soulbox] under the Theology tab.

⑶[Function Introduction] Players Lv.85 and above can draw Horcrux Debris and other item rewards through the [Soulbox] system. Horcrux Debris can be used to activate and upgrade Horcrux, and receive attributes and mount psyches.


 [New Mount] White Cat Project

⑴ [Introduction] Shards can be received through the Soulbox system and activated.



[Psyche] Soul Tamer Psyche

⑴ [Introduction] Soul Tamer Psyches can be received through the Soulbox system.




Tales of Solaris Operation Team

Nov 14,2016


Tales of Solaris-Rise to the challenge of Ancient Boss with lovely pets!

Tales of Solaris-Hot RPG featured with dazzling skills, diversified pets, and multiple game modes!

Tales of Solaris-In the Lost City Looking for Mysterious Treasures